Day 1 & 2 – American Dog Derby

Day 1: Beautiful morning, trails were in excellent shape just like a highway. We were first out and it was nice to have electronic timing, but there was no countdown. BRK made the best of it with the help of some enthusiast school kids. Plenty of high 5’s up and down the starting line. Then we were off!

Dogs were very eager to run and Jerry stood on the drag mat the whole way. We returned to the truck in first place of the day with the dogs screaming for more. 

That night the Ashton Chamber of Commerce put on a great “Soup challenge.” We paid $2 person and got to sample10 homemade soups plus dessert. We sampled ALL of them (some twice) and then voted on our top two favorites. 

Day 2: Saturday morning awoke to warm temperatures, but before race time the clouds rolled in and light breeze picked up making for great temperatures. Once again the trail was excellent. 

BRK finished first in the event overall, putting our name on the trophy once more. John Stewart finished 2nd, followed by Laurette Kimball 3rd and Chris Adkins in 4th. 

In the 6 dogs class there were 17 entries. So happy that Liz Stewart and Alix Crittenden finished 1st and 2nd! Jacobite Racing was a pleasure to hang out with this weekend. 

The Saturday events also included Skijoring – 1st place Lila Wheatley, 2nd Linda Larson and 3rd Scott Lee. The two junior mushers were out next followed snowshoe racing, kids sled rides and dog weight pulls to finish out the weekend. 

Following a quick awards ceremony everyone said their goodbyes and talked how to make it bigger and better for next year’s 100th year. 

ALL YOU MUSHERS WITHIN A DAYS DRIVE….THE AMERICAN DOG DERBY HAS BEEN HERE FOR US FOR 99 YEARS. WE HOPE THAT YOU WOULD CONSIDER RETURNING THE FAVOR AS A COMPETITOR NEXT YEAR! This race has changed formats to meet the mushers requests. Any and all ideas for a grand 100 year celebration are encouraged and wanted. Let’s all give something back to this small Idaho town that has given so much to us through the years!


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