99th American Dog Derby – Ashton Idaho

This was a couple of years ago! Great trophy the continues to add to every year with the winner of the big race. Jerry is on there 5 times :)
This was a couple of years ago! Great trophy that continues to add the name every year of the big race winner. Jerry is on there 5 times 🙂

As we headed out this morning I (Sandy) had to start cleaning the house. This time of year, mud season drives me nuts and I cannot stand to come home to a really dirty house. This of course drives Jerry NUTS! (insert smiley face)

Still we were out of the house by 9am and headed into town to get a couple of chores finished. On the truck is Sled Rat – Little Bit, along with the team; Culliver, Kristoff, Quincey, BJ, George, Amelia, Betsy, Tweel, Abby, Mattie. Also, Anna is on board. She is recouping from a herniated navel surgery and is doing just fine. 

Our drive today was the full spectrum. We started off with clouding sky and lite drizzle. By the time we got to Jackson, we had wind and snow. Heading over the Teton Pass we hit darn near whiteout conditions and then dry roads from Victor to Ashton. 

Vet check …smooth sailing! BRK is #2 in the 10 dogs race. This year due to the warm weather there will be no 12 dog race. The 10 dog race has been shortened to the 8 dog course (22 miles) for safety. The course goes over rolling potato and is known for it’s flat light and low visibility. 

The people are always full of hospitality and we really enjoy coming to Ashton! Fill you in with all of the days Trail tales tomorrow after day one of the race. 

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