Final leg – Evanston

The team in the shoot and ready to roll!
The team in the shoot and ready to roll!

The final leg: Evanston Stage 8 Eukanuba Stage Stop Race

Once again the alarm went off and we were up and ready to roll at 5am. Drop and fed dogs. Everyone looked good! First mushers truck to the trailhead. Vet check at 8am and race started at 9am. BRK start time 9:33.

Smaller trail met up with a larger groomed trail only a mile and half out. Hard right and away we go. Except the dogs went left as some other musher had done knocking the stacks down and not putting it back. Three different times I led the team over to the right putting the stacks back only to go back to the sled and they’d left again. I was getting very tired and there happened to be two gentle sitting in a truck not 25 yards away watching. I hollered and waved my arms asking for help and then they came to helped me get on my way. I believe they were volunteers assigned to that corner. 

We didn’t have the best leaders up front, but the combination of Culliver and Sonja worked so good in Pinedale I tried to recreate that team. And that folks was the down fall of the day. 

It the 17 mile mark Precious got a ride in the basket because she was sore after going thru a section of trail that had been plowed and reapplied snow to, I believe she stepped on a big chunk of ice and it moved causing her to bruise the back of her wrist, so she rod in the sled the rest of the way. 

Almost every time we past a musher or met a snow machine Culliver and Sonja would stop causing a tangle. This happen so many times I lots count, but I was determent to work them through it. I had finally had enough after losing too much time and put Tweel up front with Sonja and place Culliver in point. The dogs did great the rest of the way in. 

We slowed a little bit on the hills due to having extra weight, due to Precious in the bag. Arrived at the finish line, crowd was wonderful! Precious received ice for 10 minutes then followed by a massage and sweat wrap and is resting comfortable in her box on the truck.

It was a pretty good day, it could have been better BUT that’s racing. 7th place finish today and 5th overall.  Darn proud of our poochies!


Way to go BRK!!! My class and I followed you every day through the blogs on your site and the reports from the stage stop web site!! These kids are fascinated by the whole thing. They do not know however how incredible it is that you were right there with the best in the world!! I do!! Congratulations!!

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