Kemmerer – Stage 7

Jerry with Junior musher Caleb in Kemmerer
Jerry with Junior musher Caleb in Kemmerer

Kemmerer – Stage 7 Eukanuba Stage Stop Race

Great night sleep at the Fairview Inn in Kemmerer! Did the usual morning chores with pups and headed to the race site 45 mins away, arriving at 6:45 am. 

Today’s lineup: Tweel, Abby, Precious, Amelia, Kristoff, Ranger, Danger, BJ, George, Betsy and Little D. Yearlings are underlined. 

Weather report was highs in the 20’s and wind. The wind never materialized, but it did get warm on top. Abby was in lead with her mother Tweel. She kept jumping in Tweel’s face and jumping in front of her. So, after a few miles I stopped, shorted her tug line and doubled her neck line. This kept her from cutting Tweel off and running us off the trail. 

Had a good run until the hills and Abby decides to say “HI” to everybody behind her. She seemed to be saying something along the lines of “look at me, I’m in lead!, breaking our momentum on several climbs. She was doing such a good job otherwise. Her job today was to gain experience. She drove the team fairly well, but not as well as her sister Mattie yesterday. Abby seemed to be looking at her mother from guidance on the turnoffs. 

It really got warm on top and the snow was sticky and mushy for 5 to 6 miles. I felt the team really slow down. On the way back the trail improved as we decended through mostly shaded areas. We passed a few team along the way.  Caught sight of Bruce a little after the halfway, but I could not catch him, staying within 2 mins. of him the whole way. 

I knew we were having good runs because we never saw either Streeper team all day! JR had an excellent run. The only time I saw him was in the parking lot before and after the run. 

We finished in 2nd place today and are thrilled with this performance. It is so fun to be racing with such GOOD people. This is one of the best Stage Stop families ever! The race tomorrow will be nail biting. JR, Jerry and Bruce will be racing for 3, 4 & 5. JR is up on Jerry by almost 3 mins. and Jerry is up on Bruce by 1 min. CRAZY! We all came to race and that is exactly what we are doing. 

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