Big Piney – Stage 6

Big Piney: This mornings lineup – Tweel, Mattie, Amelia, Precious, Culliver, Kristoff, Ranger, Quincey, Danger, Sonia and Little D. Love is in the air over half of the girls are in heat. 

A new and wonderfully groomed trail by Wyoming State Trails with a course running 43 miles. Trail was in decent shape this morning, much better then the old trail would have been. We caught JR at the 12 mile mark, caught a passed Bruce at the 15 mile mark. Our turn around time was pretty close to Buddy’s. Dogs ran very steady. After their superb performance yesterday I did not want to ask to much of them. We played it safe and ran a consist race keeping it steady on the flat and fairly strong in the hills. 

We can across the finish line in 3rd place for the day. Could not be prouder of this team. 

After finishing up watering, snacks, foot care and more the dogs are in their boxes as we travel on a snow blown road to Kemmerer, WY for a banquet tonight and a race Stage 7 tomorrow. Until then, we’ll see you then. 

Oops! One sour note…Jerry has to return the yellow bib back to Buddy 🙁

Special footnote:  Jerry carries with him a leather pouch on his sled. It has some of our (much loved and missed) Badger’s ashes. Badger was a once in a lifetime dog. Setting many records, competing in many races, but his spirit is still with us. As there is 8 dogs on this years team that are from his bloodline. Lots of kids at the starting which always makes Jerry smile. He loves to give them high fives! Jerry always gives me a kiss goodbye as he heads out for the run whether at home on a race, After come this he turned to the team the morning sun shined off of the yellow bib reflecting on the dog team and Jerry thanked each one of them. It was a very emotional moment as the countdown continued 10, 9, 8, 7….it was as if Badger energy was all around us!

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