Stage 4 – Lander

Lander- Stage 4 Eukanuba Stage Stop Race

MORE SNOW –  South Pass was OPEN! There was lots of confusion and talk about South Pass roads being closed. When we woke up the first thing we did was hop onto the WYDOT website at 4am to see that the roads were open, but there was an advisory and that is what confused folks. 

6am on the road with EVERYTHING loaded including a couple of extra dogs that will be moving to new homes after this race. 

7am after traveling on some great roads, not too icy at all we landed at the stage around where Jerry trains, Louis Lake parking lot. We let the dogs out to stretch their legs. Drivers meeting at 8am. Race started at 9:00, BRK went out at 9:18 with 11 dogs on the line. Tweet, Mattie, Abby, Amelia, Precious, Betsy, Little D, Sonja, Danger, Quincey and Ranger. 

The trail had been groomed last night, but due to high winds and more snow another SLOG was in the works. We started out fairly conservative, mile marker 5 we passed our first team. Mile marker 11, we passed 2 more teams. Mile marker 15 WE got passed. Approximately mile marker 18, where we leave the Continental Divide Trail towards Worthen Medow the volunteer trail crew neglected to put up any snow fence or leave a person there and the team thought they should go home that way. After all it’s only a few more miles to home! (Wrong way)

I spent at least 10 – 15 mins. exhausting myself turning the team around and around trying to get them to go the right way. Finally, the team was so confused and I was so exhausted we started on the correct trail. After about a mile or two the teams’ spirits picked up again and we made the turn around and back out headed the right direction.I requested the trail crew head up to the so called ‘Place of the incident” and get a person up there so no other teams ended up in Lander. 

We passed said point on the way back the team felt defeated, like someone slooowwwly let the air out of the tires. The long climb up Blue Ridge was slower then any training run we’ve ever had and yet we somehow passed a team in the process. Cresting Blue Ridge at 9500 feet the team picked up speed somewhat. We began the loooongggg decent in Louis Lake at half throttle. Team Magnusson passed before the next climb leaving the lake and we followed them up to the top. Where they left us in snow flakes. 

After another decent and climb I stopped the team and let them roll around in the snow and did a ‘Happy Dance.” They caught their breath and headed for the truck. With Streeper teams lurking in the distance it looked like we were going to be sacked, but we held them off to the finish line. 

BRK finished pretty strong considering the day with a 5th place finish. Which brings us up to a overall placing of 6th. 

Headed to Pinedale for a banquet. We dropped and fed the dogs 1/2 way before we lost daylight. Everyone looks good. Elwood is resting really well, sucking up ALL the attention and massages he can get. He is much better today! Culliver enjoyed his day off and may be in the team tomorrow.  

Tomorrow schedule put us racing out of Cora at the Green River Lakes trailhead where there is no cell coverage. It is suppose to be below zero tomorrow. OH BOY!

After that we head to Big Piney aka “the coolest stop in the nation” which is extremely limited in the internet coverage. So, not sure about blog post for tomorrow. 

Headed in to the banquet! Good night!

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